IMG_20120910_215408At the age of 29 and after a year of turmoil I have quit my job, sold all material pocessions and have decided to travel around Asia for five months before landing in and beginning working in Australia.

In the summer of 2013 I decided to leave my marriage, following this my younger brother passed away. To say my foundation was rocked is an understatement, but I knew this was a wakeup call and no matter how painful these two events were they never felt ‘off path’ for me. I felt I was called to move in another direction and I am choosing to answer that call in the face of fear and uncertainty.

I am ready to be my own priority and have made a commitment to exploring, loving and discovering myself.

Pure excitement and anticipation is what I feel for the adventure, fun and exploration ahead and look forward to the discoveries and learnings that will come along the way.

I look forward to sharing this journey with you.

Much Love,


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    • Hi Justin, Great to hear from you and thank you for reading my blog. I’m not settled just yet, I am in Australia at the moment- more details on that coming out later 🙂 Just enjoying where the universe takes me. Blessing! ❤ Kerri


  1. Hi Kerri. Great blog! I’ve just come across another great article written by you on elephantjournal, about tantra. I wondered if you could let me know the name of the tantric yoga community you stayed with in Asia – I’ve been searching for somewhere like that for a long time.
    Love, and many thanks in advance!


    • Hi Esther,

      That is so great that you will be in Koh Phangan, I love it here.

      As for yoni massage there are 3 people I recommend:

      Gyan (male) and Suriya (female) http://sacredartofunity.com
      *They are teaching in Canada at the moment but will be back on the island in September.
      Yogita (female): http://yogitantra.com

      All three are fantastic and quite senior in the tantra community. If you are interested in tantra courses here on Koh Phangan check out agamayoga.com

      I hope this helps and enjoy!


      • Thanks Kerry, following your suggestion, I visited agamayoga.com, and I have registered for a tantra course. I will contact one of the names that you mentioned. How about your life journey in London? Your writing is interesting and inspiring.


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