Shakti Time


I remember when I first returned to my tantric island; I had become very aware of my resistance to opening up, sharing and being affectionate with other women. I began to examine my female relationships and saw a pattern of holding back and staying superficial. This was clearly evident while I was married, never really discussing or confiding in other women, even though there were women there for me to lean on.

As my world turned upside, and I began some soul-searching; a true desire started to build to connect with other women in a real, raw and vulnerable way.

One of my intentions when I returned this time was to really build and forge bonds of real sisterhood with other women. And guess what? Ask and it is given!

I wasn’t alone in my sexual exploration and spiritual seeking, I had a few other brave and bold women by my side.

Being back on this island I began to really explore the depths of myself, my fears, patterns and inhibitions and I had a group of women there to witness and support me through it. I had made the choice and allowed myself to share these parts of me and to step through my inhibitions.

As I began to face and overcome my sexual inhibitions, the love and support I got from my sisters was just what I need to keep me going and to stay on track in overcoming these insecurities.

When I attended the sex party (remember that post?) I was incredibly nervous and all I heard were compliments and words of encouragement from them. The ‘You look amazing’ings kept my momentum up. Through this experience I really got how powerful it is when women support, love and encourage each other. I couldn’t have done it without them.

Within two months of my return, I had noticed a huge transformation within myself and in my relationships with women. I was sharing and expressing so much of myself and I became more at ease with the giving and receiving of affection. And to be honest, it felt so good! I felt so free to be myself and loved in the process. To be authentically yourself, with all your light and shadow aspects is a true healing and opening of the heart.

These relationships have been and are critical to my life and who I am now. Once I had these connections and this opening I noticed how all my other relationships began to shift. More and more intimate conversations were being had with other women in my life and we were able to truly connect at the heart.

I now know that deep and meaningful female connections are a must for me, I can no longer live without them. They feed my soul.

And when your friends so freely and casually see you make love with other people how can a deep and intimate bond not be created?

So to all the women in my life, thank you for your love and encouragement; to all the women reading this I hope that you have at least one female connection where you can really be authentic and loved all at the same time.

What can I say, women are a beautiful thing.

Much love to you and your sisters,

K xo

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