Tantra Essentials Workshop, London, UK



Obtain a condensed introduction to basic concepts

Tantra Transform your lovemaking into a liberating spiritual experience

Learn skills to develop deeper, longer orgasms

In this highly condensed immersion into Tantra, students will learn why Tantra is a unique, “life-embracing” approach to spirituality and explore how sexuality can be part of a spiritual path.

This workshop gives students the basic information required to begin a Tantric practice, providing an overview of the major concepts, including: brahmacharya, sublimation, transfiguration, working with energy, and female orgasm. Pertinent information from Yoga, Taoism, Buddhism and modern science is included to reinforce the ageless and universal value of the Tantric teachings.

Taught by Agama Yoga Tantra Instructor Kerri Cust this experiential workshop has no explicit sexual presentations or nudity.

Cost: £140 for the entire weekend, £120 should you pay prior to 19 November.
Location: Holborn, London. Exact address will be given once payment has been received.

You can also pay and register through eventbrite:


Please email: kcust@hotmail.ca to register and should you have any questions.

About your instructor, Kerri Cust:

After a year of two traumatic events I sold everything I owned and went to travel the world.

During my travels I landed on a tropical island. While studying yoga and tantra, I began to awaken my sexuality and found a power and potential in myself I didn’t know was there. By accessing this energy I was becoming unleashed, not only sexually, but in all areas of my life. I began to face my insecurities and heal the pain by embracing my sexuality, stepping into femininity and showing people the real me.

Tantra has completely transformed my life: I feel more connected and aligned than ever. My relationships are deepening, I’m opening up and friendships are so much more fulfilling. My life has more direction and focus (and the multiple orgasms don’t hurt either). I have now made the shift from mediocrity to living an orgasmic life, and I’m here to inspire others to do the same.

Come join me and get a taste of tantra, your orgasmic self awaits.

Looking forward to meeting you at the end of the month.

Much love, Kerri xo


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