Partner Bonding

tumblr_static_holding-hands1Partner #1 and I had continued to do my ‘homework’ together and various rituals. With a lot of the partner required assignments being in the beginning of the program and now the ‘homework’ being more sporadic I asked him to meet up outside of my assignments and he was more than up to it.

Partner #1 is a bit hard to read, there is definitely a hard shell but he is one hell of a experienced tantric lover. He’s incredibly sensitive to energy, almost going into orgasm just at the sight of my pleasure, it’s definitely a sight to see.

As our meet ups became more frequent, conversations began to develop and expand. I would talk about my family and he would take about his. He once asked me a question “Who are your top three people in the community you want to sleep with but haven’t yet?” and I answered and then he shared his top three. I loved our conversations and that even though we were sleeping together we could discuss anything. I liked this and thought that when I enter in to a relationship these are the conversations I still want to be having with my partner.

As we continued to see each other a real friendship and bonding started to happen. I began to wonder about the boundaries he had with this girlfriend. He had previously asked me to keep things about us just between him and I and with a bond beginning between us it made me question how that worked within his relationship.

We continued to see each other, it continued to be fun and we even began to have tickle fights with each other. His hard shell was beginning to soften and it was beautiful to see him open up.

One day my friends and I were discussing the situation and a friend heard that partner #1 and his girlfriend had an agreement that whenever one of them was off the island that they were then ‘open’ in terms of their relationship. To me this made sense as I hadn’t seen her at all whilst I was back on Koh Phangan. Then a friend said “I think I saw her the other day”, which surprised me and caught me off guard. I responded with a “no, she isn’t on the island” which I didn’t know if that was 100% true.

I started to wonder what exactly the agreement was between them and if she was in fact on the island.

I didn’t know how to approach it, I’ve never been in this situation before and if I am being completely honest it wasn’t a conversation I wanted to have. I mean it’s awkward and the last thing I want is anymore drama in my life, but something about it was bugging me…

Now you have the back story… stay tuned for what happens next.

Much love,

K xo

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