Oral Sex & An Open Heart

anahata-womanAs the course progressed it came time to participate in a tantric ritual called Yoni Mudra, an oral sex ritual.

I asked partner number #1 if he wanted to do this ritual with me and he agreed.

This ritual entails activating each other chakras using your mouth and tongue. We first started at Muladhara, the root chakra which is located at the perineum (the space between the genitals and anus). Yup, seriously we started there. So no foreplay or anything, I gave to partner #1 first and dove right in to licking his perineum with no real lead up.

I then moved on to Svadistana, the second chakra located two finger breadths above the base of the penis (and above the clitoris for women). I licked and kissed that area without paying any attention to his actual penis, which was probably torture for the poor guy.

Next was manipura, the navel chakra located just below the belly button. I spent a good 3 minutes licking and kissing his stomach. One would think that this may be a bit weird but once I got going it was fine. Following that was Anahata, the heart chakra where I kissed, touched and gently licked this chest, in the area between his nipples. Each chakra has its own characteristics and resonance and for this chakra things slowed down and it was very soft and loving.

I then moved on to Vishuddha, the throat chakra, then to the third eye (Ajna) where I basically made out with his forehead and then finally I moved on to the crown where I spent 5 minutes kissing and licking the top of his head.

Once that was over I then did the same thing to him again but up the backside of his body. When the was over it was then my turn where he did the exact same thing to me and yes he started at and went straight to licking my perineum.

After this was all done we performed oral sex on each other to activate the sexual energy even more. With my chakras all opened and activated I could feel all my sexual energy rise so easily.

Because it is an oral sex ritual, partner #1 and I couldn’t have sex, which was so difficult, I mean I was itching for it. I told him how challenging it was for us not to be able to have sex and he said “Kissing you is like having sex”. [Insert sweet aww sound]

Once the ritual was complete I felt so light and my heart felt so opened, I was amazed at how open my heart felt. I asked myself “Is this how my heart is supposed to feel?”. This lasted for a few days and it felt as though something divine had lifted and awakened my heart and I was in a state of love and bliss.

I took sometime to ponder why licking each others genitals would activate and open my heart. I then realized and understood that during these rituals we were really calling upon something Divine to be with us and with grace flowing through the ritual, magical things can and do happen. Although my heart was opened I can’t help but know that this ritual and the grace that was over flowing affected me in other ways that I may never know.

To know and experience grace gave me an even deeper devotion to the Divine and I felt so blessed.

Wishing that Divine Grace flows over you now and always.

Much love,

K xo

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