Chakra Sex

divinetantriclovemaking5Week one of my program had me have sex on six of the seven chakras.

The first two chakras with partner #2 was a complete disaster, as I shared earlier but I did get a second chance.

Partner #3 AKA Walter was available in the evenings and we had incredible love-making topped of with an amazing orgasm! Walter and I cared for each other and I could feel my attraction and connection with him deepen.

Then Walter and I had Manipura sex, which is the third chakra. This type of sex is very much like BDSM, dominant and submissive, it’s hot, lots of biting, but in a more sophisticated way. So, sex with Walter was great and I left feeling very fiery!

Day number four was Anahata, the heart chakra day. This was a day I was looking forward to as I had and have a lot of nervousness and resistance around making love on this chakra. This type of love-making is intimate, focused on slow, soft movements. For me this type of sex asks for me to be more vulnerable, which, like with everyone terrifies me.

Partner #1 was away from the island for a few days so Walter and I agreed to meet at a certain time and I was really excited to do this with him. That afternoon I received a message from him saying he wasn’t feeling well and that we couldn’t meet. I was devastated.

My own heart was something that I need to work on opening up and felt this was a great opportunity both physically and energetically to do that. I felt like karma got me.

I was feeling sad and hopeless, that this represented something bigger, my own barrier to love and my inability to move through it.

Day number five had me move on to Vishuddha, the throat chakra. To truly have sex on this chakra is like Gods and Goddesses having sex, I didn’t do this but my partner and I just moved our energy up to the throat area. My partner for this round was partner #2, he had returned and it was very lovely.

Day number six was Ajna day, the third eye. Again, true sex on this level is super human so for this round we were to just bring up our sexual energy to this level. This was another chakra that I really need to work on, the mental command centre as its called. My mind is a busy place and the more I can hone it in the better. Partner #2 couldn’t make this day work so I was relying on Walter. Again a text message came through saying something came up and we couldn’t meet.

Again, I was devastated. The two chakras I needed to ignite and work on most are the two where I just couldn’t make it happen.

Tears were falling down my face as the feeling of hopelessness fell over me again.

I shared my feelings and disappointments with the others in my program and got some beautiful support.

It was so interesting to see what manifested around these tasks, how “coincidentally” I somehow didn’t get to have an experience on the two areas which need the most work and therefore have the biggest opportunity for a shift to occur.

Now it’s time to crank up the awareness and really try to burn through this karma. It’s time for my heart to be open and for my mind to be precise.

I’m praying for God’s grace on this one.

Much Love, K xo

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