Another New Beginning

a-new-startWith my short visit to London coming to a close I began to get ready for my next journey, a deep initiation into Tantra.

I was off to the island that I love to complete an intensive 6 week program delving into only God knows what and getting an opportunity to delve even deeper into the spiritual path that has stolen my heart, Tantra.

When I first became aware of this course, I immediately knew I had to do it and the fact that it would end on my 31st birthday was, to me an even bigger sign. It was a big risk going back so soon as my funds were getting low and I was giving up some great job opportunities in London, but in true Kerri fashion I knew I had to go so I went!

This program required me to have a partner to do certain tantric rituals with and since I was single I was on the hunt for a partner. I approached one senior tantric practitioner before I left for Thailand and he said yes, the only thing was is that he wanted to keep things private as gossip tends to spread around this community quite easily and so I agreed. I then thought it may be a good idea to have another partner as me expecting man #1 to be available whenever I needed him wasn’t very realistic. There wasn’t anyone that I was especially attracted to but I did think of one man whom attended a tantra workshop with me and when I approached him he wasn’t overly excited on being one of two partners (which sort of made me roll my eyes) but he agreed.

So I was off to Thailand with two partners all set to go for my Tantra program. It felt as though my plans were coming , or so I thought.

After a tube ride, a long flight wait, 2 planes, one taxi, another plane, a bus ride, a 3 hour ferry and then finally a scooter taxi with my 25 lb suit case on it I arrived to my bungalow on Koh Phangan where I spent the next 3 days being more jet lagged than I ever had been before.

As I approached the start of my program I saw a notice on Facebook. Now before I share what I saw the program I was about to go into was a pre requisite for the Tantra Teacher Training course I was planning to take next year. So as I was strolling through Facebook a notice came up from the school I was taking this program from that said that the tantra teacher training was happening this year and not again for another 3 years!

I was devastated, the news sent me into a panic as my plan for the next 2 years had been completely turned upside down. So I did what I always do, I called my mom and had a session with my therapist.

After being talked off the ledge I saw that my plan to become a tantra teacher had been accelerated and that God’s plan was for it to happen sooner rather than later.

So within just a couple of days of arriving to Thailand my trip had been extended and I was going to be leaving as a tantra teacher. Another reminder not to make too many plans for my life as life has a plan of her own and even though I don’t understand it or have the money for it I am choosing to go with life’s flow.

So let’s see what wild ride she is going to take me on…

Much love,

K xo

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