I Have it Together?

just-keep-goingI’ve gotten emails lately of saying how I am ‘rocking life’ and ‘have it all together’. To which my response is, are you kidding me?

I pondered over this thinking to myself ‘wow, things must look different to what they actually are’.

Then I looked a bit further.

Yes, my life is messy and yes it looks better on Facebook than it does in real life. No one sees my daily life, worries, emotions, plans and bank account. I am overwhelmed on a daily basis wondering how the hell I am going to do the things I want to do and the self-doubt that comes with all of that.

These comments had me look back and reflect, and once I did that I saw all the great things I have been able to do. I mean, I travelled all around Asia, worked in Australia, studied and found my path of Tantra in Thailand and I am now in Europe getting to explore different countries on the weekends.

So yes, I am very fortunate and very grateful but my journey has been messy and it still is and doesn’t look as though it is going to be smooth sailing ahead either and that’s ok. I am slowly learning to embrace and ride the waves and as things do work out (eventually) I keep being reminded that I am ok and I will always be ok.

I still wouldn’t say I have it together, not at all, but I am happy with the decisions I have made in my life and where I am now.

From my messy journey to yours.

Much love,

K xo

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