*temp*As I arrived in London my worries and anxiety began to ramp up as they usually do, never mind the fact I had only been in the country for 72 hours. Although I know these feeling are and were unreasonable, I was still taken over by them.

While staying in my AirBnB I was frantically emailing and calling agencies to set up interviews and looking online for house shares. With the clock ticking I started interviewing right away, calling house shares and taking in the sights in between.

In these times of new change and (unreasonable) panic the quantities of my prayers increase substantially. So, I prayed and meditated to bring myself back to my centre.

All while reassuring myself, I kept attending interviews, praying and intending that I would find the perfect role that would take me up until my time in Thailand, just a few weeks away. And guess what… it came.

I got a role for 6 weeks and found a house share to live in (with people who aren’t crazy, yay!).

So I was all set, I had the place to live and the job and I was all set to go back to Thailand in just a few weeks (details coming soon!)

And as I always do I wondered why it wasn’t so easy to relax in the moment of uncertainty when in the end it was so easy and I had nothing to worry about… I guess that is where the work is.

So I’ve settled in to London in the time being and reminded (again!) how much I am provided for.

Much Love,

K xo

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