London’s Calling

Union-jackAs I was getting ready to leave Australia many of my co-workers were sharing that they had previously visited and worked in London. One day, one of my co-workers mentioned how you could still apply for a working holiday visa at the age of 30, which I am.

The seed was planted.

The idea began to grow and I couldn’t shake it. So before I left Australia the application was lodged and while in Bangkok I finished the application and was quickly approved.

So with a 2-year UK visa in hand I began to plan out the next two years of my life, which looks like a lot of back and forth from the UK to Thailand until my visa expires. Although with so much uncertainty in my life, I liked having a plan set out. Although nothing is guaranteed, I secretly missed the thrill of not knowing what was around the corner.

Never the less, my plan was set and I arrived in London at the beginning of February, starting from scratch in a new city and not knowing anyone. Even though this wasn’t the first time I had done this, the fear was still there and the negative talk and self-doubt still ran rampant.

But in true Kerri fashion I did it anyway.

So I have created a plan for the next two years… let’s see what pans out.

Much Love,

K xo

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