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I was back in my tantric community, my favourite place in the world immersed in yoga and tantra workshops. 

As I attended tantra lectures and participated in exercises I began to be confronted with even more of my ‘stuff’, such as insecurities, judgements and criticism of myself and others. 

I was frustrated. I mean I kept bumping up against shit all the time, seeing my blockages, resistance and limitations and feeling feelings that frustrated me. 

I was feeling a bit hopeless to be quite honest. 

As a friend and I were having lunch I was sharing my feelings and experiences with him. We first met each other last year so he had met me when I first arrived at this yoga school. As I shared with him my feelings of not getting anywhere and not making any progress in my personal evolution he said to me “You’re changing, I can see”. 

A breathed a sigh of relief and gratitude of my friends observation. 

This comment had me reflect on where I was prior to heading out on my travels and leaving Canada and yes, of course, there has been transformation. 

Realizing my growth made me feel better on what more there is to discover, unravel and release within myself. 

As I look forward to where I desire to be, I mean that has even changed. I now desire an unconventional life of entrepreneurship, open relationships and living on a tropical island. Safe to say things have changed. 

So although the road of transformation and evolvement may feel long, strenuous and always continuous it’s worth it and truly I never could nor would I want to go back. I am grateful for where I am, the progress I have made and the direction I am headed. 

Yours in evolution and much love, 

K xo 

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