Purification & Release

emotional-release-glastonbury-1With my stay in Thailand extended (poor me, right?) I made a short visit to Bali to see my friend, mentor and therapist as well as some Canadian friends I had not seen for a while. 

I arrived and made plans to visit with friends but also to visit some sacred sites and Balinese healers. 

First on my list was a Balinese High Priestess who gives powerful water purifications. My friends and I went together and I approached the High Priestess for my water purification along with a friend. The High Priestess began changing and pouring water over our heads, asking us to stomp our feet and make noise to help us experience a release. At one point the High Priestess said to me “Cry, let it out cry” as if she knew there was something ready to be released. Then my friend next to me gently tapped my lower back (emotionally your lower back is associated with finances and emotional support) and I instantly began to cry as the High Priestess continued to pour water over me. A big release for sure. 

The next day I was off to one of my favourite Balinese healers; this was my fourth visit and as usual I was so excited to see him. I sat in front of him and he began to hit certain pressure points on my head and identify what was off for me. I then laid down as he hit certain points on the toes of my left foot. There were points so painful I thought I would levitate off the ground. His conclusion, I had a past trauma that is still leading to anxiety, stress and worry. He also said that something in my reproductive area was off. So he went to work standing over me, doing energy work, and making patterns with his wand over my body. Once he was finished he told me that the residue of my trauma was now gone and that my ovaries were now active again. 

I left feeling so grateful and blessed to be in his presence. 

Later on that same day I had a therapy session and during the session I could feel the purification set in, my throat began to hurt and I started to get quite warm. 

In the evening I visited a holy site that has fountains for every chakra of your body, as well as for love, abundance, your ancestral line, the masculine and feminine in your own being and so on. I felt like absolute heaven being in the water and I didn’t want to leave. Another purification had occurred. 

I left back to Thailand feeling grateful and knowing some things had shifted and been released for me. 

Interestingly enough, prior to my trip to Bali I was having difficulty having orgasms during sex, I mean they just weren’t happening. When I returned to Thailand and made love for the first time, BOOM, orgasm! So I guess my reproductive area really did get activated…. 

Wishing you all an abundance of orgasms. 

Much love, 

K xo 

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