Falling In To Place

Falling in to placeI’d thought dealing with uncertainty would get easier, but it doesn’t, not for me anyway. I am still flooded and overwhelmed with anxiety, getting pulled in by and wrapped up in my monkey mind.

I had a perfect plan all set out in regards to my next destination, or at least I thought I did.

My visa for my next destination came back with a different entry date than expected and there was no way to enter the country early or change the date.

I was completely frazzled. I immediately panicked wondering how I was going to work everything out, my Thai visa was set to expire and I became worried around finding a now extra short term contract to fit into my long term plans. I was spiralling, wondering how it was all going to work out and if I could afford to extend my vacation and delay working.

This is where it is good to have women in your life. My mother and a good friend lent me their ear and I found that talking it through seemed to relieve a bit of my stress. Although the plan wasn’t what I had in mind I (eventually) accepted the reality of it.

As I accepted and faced reality, things began to fall in to place. Extending the rental on my  bungalow in Thailand was easy, people were happy to move interview times, I noticed that some Canadian friends were visiting Bali around the same time I would need to do a visa run and this extension gave me time to do more tantra and yoga.

So although not ideal and with still facing uncertainty (ie. finding a new home and job) I began to see AGAIN that it’s all working out and even though it looks and feel chaotic it’s just the Universe reorganizing everything perfectly! Plus…Bali for a visa run, who can complain about that?

So It’s not perfect and there is still lots of uncertainty and trust is required but it is all falling into place.

Much love,

K xo

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